Academic Structure of the College

The College is organized into Schools, each headed by a Dean. Every School is made up of a number of departments of related subjects. The affairs of the departments are managed by the heads of Departments.

The provost is both the administrative and Academic Head of the College. He is assisted by the Deputy Provost who acts as Provost, in the absence of the Provost.

The academic structure of the College is as follows:

  1. Provost
  2. Deputy Provost
  3. Deans of Schools
  4. Heads of Departments

Schools and their Departments

  1. School of Arts & Social Sciences
    • Christian Religious Studies
    • Geography
    • Islamic Religious Studies
    • Social Studies
  2. School of Education
    • General Studies Education
    • Pre-NCE & Remedial Studies
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Foundation of Education
    • Primary Education Studies
    • Educational Psychology
  3. School of Languages
    • Arabic
    • English
    • French
    • Yoruba
    • Hausa
    • Igbo
  4. School of Sciences
    • Biology
    • Computer Science
    • Chemistry
    • Integrated Science
    • Mathematics
    • Physical & Health Education(PHE)
    • Physics
  5. School of Vocational and Technical Education
    • Agric Education
    • Business Education
    • Home Economics
  6. School of Early Child Care Education
    • Early Childhold Care Education
    • Primary Education
  7. School of Special Education
    • Adult and Non-Formal Education
    • Special and Non-Formal Education