Candidates who do not have a relevant credit in their O’Level Examination or do not meetup the JAMB Requirement for NCE Regular may be admitted into the one-year preliminary programme, provided they meet the Pre-NCE entry requirements.

Application Requirements

The Pre-NCE and Remedial Programmes have a separate application form. This is sold in the College at a fixed fee prescribed by the Academic Board. Candidates are expected to buy, fill and submit the completed Form to the pre-NCE and Remedial Office of the College. Names of successful candidates are usually placed on the College notice board.

Admission Requirements

  1. SC/GCE (O/L) with four passes at sitting or five (5) Passes at two sittings including English Language and Mathematics and passes in related subjects.
  2. TC II certificate with passes.
  3. Other relevant or equivalent qualification with four (4) passes at a sitting or five (5) passes at two sittings and passes in related subjects i.e. City and Guilds, Federal Craft Certificate, etc.

Deferment Of Admission:

Admission is not deferrable. However, after completion of registration in the College, a newly registered student may defer a semester or course(s) by a written application to the Academic Secretary through the concerned Heads of Departments. Such Deferment is valid only through a written approval by the Academic Secretary.

Registration Procedures:

  1. Registration and documentation are compulsory for every new and returning student at the beginning of each semester/session.
  2. All registrations involve obtaining and completing relevant forms, payment of necessary fees and registering courses at the students’ schools and departments.
  3. Note: each new student, on arrival, reports to the Academic Office with the following documents for verification:
    1. Letter of offer of Admission by the College or the joint Admission and Maculation Board (JAMB).
    2. A copy of the acceptance letter.
    3. A letter of identification from the student’s Local Government Area.
    4. A letter of good conduct from an Imam or Clergyman of his Juma’at Mosque/Church.
    5. Six recent passport-sized photographs.
    6. A medical report.
    7. Original copies of Certificates or notification of results (statement of results).
    8. Original Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age.
  4. After the documents are verified, the new student collects a clearance form with which he proceeds to the Bursary Department where he pays the prescribed fees and collects registration forms and then returns to the Academic Office where he collects registration forms and then moves to his departments and schools where he is registered by the heads of departments and Dean(s). Students may be expected to pay some amount of departmental registration fee to be decided by departments and schools and to be approved by the Academic Board.
    All Registration forms must be returned to the School Officer of the School where the student belongs on completion of all Registration.
  5. Late Registration Any student who fails to register within two weeks of resumption is automatically considered as having lost his offer (in case of new students) and not qualifies for normal registration (in case of returning students). The period for late registration is the third week from the first day of the semester, except otherwise decided by the Management.
  6. Penalty for Late Registration Late registration attracts a fee as may be decided from time to time by the Academic Board.
    Any returning student who fails to register at the expiration of the late registration period shall be advised to defer the semester.
    Any student who registers late more than two consecutive times shall be made to face the Students’ welfare and Disciplinary Committee for appropriate disciplinary action.
    Any student who absconds from Lectures without prior written permission by the appropriate authority for one semester shall considered as self-withdrawal.


Matriculation is simply a ceremony at which new students are confirmed as bona fide member s of the College Community. Every new student is expected to matriculate before his entry into the academic community of the College is recognized. At the ceremony new students are required to take an oath to observe the rules and regulations of the institution. This includes filling a form specially designed for the purpose.