ES Zaria and Lere visit TeCETEL

Category : VISITS | Sub Category : Incoming Visits Posted on 2023-08-07 00:00:00

ES Zaria and Lere visit TeCETEL

The Director of TeCETEL was pictured with the Executive Secretary (ES) of Zaria and Lere Local Government Areas (LGAs) during a visit on 7th August, 2023. The purpose of the visit was to request partnership with TeCETEL to train their teachers in digital literacy.

This partnership would involve TeCETEL providing training programs and workshops to enhance the digital literacy skills of teachers in the Zaria and Lere LGAs. The training will cover topics such as basic computer skills, internet usage, digital tools for teaching, and other relevant areas.

The partnership between TeCETEL and the LGAs is beneficial as it helps improve the quality of education by equipping teachers with the necessary digital skills to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices. This collaboration will lead to enhanced learning experiences for students and contribute to the overall development of education in the region.

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